I’m a Yoga Teacher!!!!!

by Brittany on August 25, 2014

It’s official – I’m a certified yoga teacher!!!

On Sunday I graduated from yoga teacher training, a 200 hour certification process that started back in April.  It was an exciting and relieving day, to say the least. It also happened to be my 26th Birthday, which added to the energy.

evolution power yoga teacher trainingI’m still having a hard time putting the entire process into words.  Here’s how I summed it up on my Instagram page: this program has been the craziest, strangest, most impactful, most eye-opening, sometimes most frustrating, and definitely most nerve-wracking thing I’ve ever done. I have no idea if I liked it or not yet, but I’m so grateful for the experience. At times it left me hating yoga and people, but in the end it has made me a better person for sure.

If nothing else, my statement reflects the ups and downs of this roller coaster ride I’ve been on for the past four months.  Because it was such a bumpy ride, I think I need a few weeks to step away from the studio, the people, the assignments, and really reflect on the experience before I sum it all up in a posted review.

evolution power yoga teacher trainingSpeaking of the people, I’ve never loved and despised a group of people so much.  Just like the program had it’s up’s and down’s, so too did our relationships with one another.  Regardless of the bumps in  the road, I have developed a special bond with each and every one of these people, and I am forever grateful for the lessons each of them has taught me.

evolution power yoga teacher trainingNow that training is over, the real learning will begin.  Like our teachers told us many times, the 200 hour training is like the kindergarten of yoga – we have only scratched the surface.

I’ll leave you with a random picture of Champ and Livy.  Because they’re just too cute not to.  Is it just me or are their expressions saying, “so, does this mean we get to spend more time with you?”

cute pit bulls

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Dress Shopping {Wedding Update}

by Brittany on August 21, 2014

Guess what? I have a wedding update today!!!

I know it’s been a while, but when you’re planning a small, destination wedding, there aren’t many decisions to make early on.  A number of details like the menu, colors, floral arrangements, and ceremony time and location, can’t be confirmed until closer to the date.  So most of my “planning” thus far hasn’t consisted of much more than pinning images on Pintereset.

That is until last night when my mom, niece and I got together for dress shopping!

destination wedding dress shopping tips

How cute is she?  I decided to make an appointment at just one boutique and hope for the best.  I chose In White in Lancaster because a) I drive past it every time I go to the yoga studio b) there are good restaurants near by c) they had really great reviews.

To be honest, my first impression wasn’t that spectacular.  Their selection seemed small and the consultant wasn’t super friendly.  She never introduced herself or asked me where or when I was getting married.  She definitely seemed frazzled and pretty much jumped right into “so did you pull any dresses?”.  Of course I had looked at dresses online, and had browsed their inventory for a few minutes, but everything looks good on a super gorgeous, size 2 model whose been photoshopped, and nothing looks good on a hanger.  I was hopping she would’ve walked me through the process a little bit more and helped me pull the dresses that best fit me and my wedding.  Oh well.

I’m happy to report though, that the rest of the appointment went really well.  I think my niece had the most fun of all.  She stayed in the fitting room with the consultant and helped me in and out of each of the dresses.  She also carried my train while I walked back and forth from the platform to the dressing area.  Ava also gave really great and honest feedback, as always.

destination wedding dress shopping tips

I ended up getting the second dress I tried on, a dress completely different from anything I ever thought I would wear.  I did try on more gowns after the second one, maybe 6 all together, but kept coming back to number 2.   If there’s one piece of advice I would pass on to other future brides, it’s to definitely keep an open mind while dress shopping.  You really have no idea what will look best on you and your body until you try it on.  The style gown I bought is the exact style I’ve said over and over again I would never wear.  And, fyi, it’s NOT the one in the picture above ; )

After I made my final decision, the consultant took my measurements and ordered my size.  When my dress arrives, anywhere between 1 and 4 months, I’ll go back for my first of at least 3 fittings.  It’s all starting to seem so real.

The next step now is to start thinking about hair styles and accessories.  Back to Pinterest I go…..


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