25 Things You Didn’t Know About Me

by Brittany on July 30, 2014

Hi, Friends!! Today I have a fun little survey for you! It’s been floating around the blog world and I thought I’d get in on it.  Here it goes…

1.) I’m happiest when…..1.) I’m being active whether that’s practicing yoga, running, or lifting weights 2.) I’m really challenging myself and learning from it

2.) Especially if it……involves J and my puppies!

3.) I’ve always wanted to…..have a passion, which I think I’ve found : )

4.) My family and I…….are polar opposites

5.) I was a terrible……golfer


6.) My first job was……at Taco Bell hahaha.  Sometimes I miss the taco bell days.  My friends and I all worked together and we had so much fun! We also met lots of really interesting characters.

7.) I could probably eat Mexican Food every day (and, no, taco bell does NOT count!)

8.) I stole……goldfish from my babysitter once.  Even way back then I had no self control

9.) I was born on the same day as Dave Chappelle, Cal Ripken Jr., Chad Michael Murray, and Arian Foster.  By the way, I looked that up on famousbirthays.com because I had no clue

10.) My all-time favorite film is….Love and Basketball.  Sorry I’m not sorry.

love and basketball quote

11.) I do a pretty mean….I have no idea

12.) I’m still mad….I ever left Campbell University (I went there for two months before transferring to a school back home.  Eveything turned out really great, but I still feel drawn to the south and sometimes wonder what I missed out on)

13.) I met my Fiance….at Planet Fitness

14.) I always knew I wanted…..to be successful and have a meaningful career helping others

15.) I’m not afraid to.….step outside of my comfort zone

16.) I make the best….with the least

17.) I have almost no…..money after yoga teacher training and going back to school.  lol.  no, but really….

18. ) I always cry when….I think about having to say goodbye to my dogs, either temporarily or permanently

19.) I’m now an……..aspiring Physical Therapy student….but I…..always hated science

20.) I spent 12 years……thinking I wanted to be a lawyer

21.) I wish my folks…………appreciated me more

22.) At 5 I was deeply in love with….my friend Josh (pictured below) and reading



18655_540959266666_1538088_n23.) I believe if everyone….had more compassion…..the world would be a better place


24.) I can’t stand….the sound of people chewing. It’s really bad.  I actually had to wear headphones to the dinner table as a kid

25.) Whenever……any installment of the Real Housewives…….is on, I’ll watch it.


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YTT Weekend # 6

by Brittany on July 29, 2014

Well, folks, I only have two weekends left of yoga teacher training, and I couldn’t be more thrilled! Weekend #6 was this past weekend, and it was a really great one.  I was actually dreading it leading up to Friday night, and contemplating all the reasons why I shouldn’t go.  Of course I went anyways and am glad I did.  Showing up really is half the battle, and that doesn’t just apply to yoga teacher training!!

I feel like I really got into my assisting groove this weekend which feels really good.  On Saturday morning I gave a private, in-class assist to my friend, Chris, who surprised me by wearing these tiny booty shorts.  The whole class got a really good kick out of it.

evolution power yoga teacher training

It was the sweatiest 90 minutes of my life, and I didn’t even practice!! I actually had to ring out my shirt after class – crazy!

After a second practice and a lunch break, we spent the afternoon in group discussion.  We were challenged to identify times we make ourselves look good, by making others look bad, and times we make ourselves right by making others wrong.  I was able to draw some pretty clear conclusions from these conversions and am inspired to make some changes in the way I leave people.

My favorite part of the day was learning how to make effective requests.  I learned that making a request is really similar to setting a goal for yourself (I guess goals ARE requests, aren’t they?).  A request should be specific, clear, and actionable, and should definitely be attached to a deadline. Assumptions should never play a role in request-making, which includes assuming the party on the other side of a request can read your mind.  Powerful stuff.

When I got home, I was hit with a real-life example of the consequences of poor request-making when the dinner I thought I requested had not been prepared.  I had to laugh at the impeccable timing.  We realized where the miscommunication came from and decided to go to chic-fil-a for dinner instead.  It was amazing, as per usual.

chic fil a

Sunday’s teacher training included more assisting practice and practice teaching.  I still have no clue how I will ever lead a real class, but I’m sure I’ll figure it out when the opportunity arises.  After TT, J met me at the studio and we grabbed dinner next door at Suko Thai.  That place NEVER disappoints.

suko thai lancaster

After dinner we headed next-door to Mean Cup for coffee and dessert.  I splurged on a cookie-dough bite and it was everything I had imagined it to be and more.  Clearly, I ate really good this weekend, and am feeling it in the way my pants fit this week.  I’ve recommitted myself to clean-eating until my birthday at the end of August.  We’ll see how that goes ; )

mean cup lancaster

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