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       In 50 years, China's space industry from scratch, from small to large, from weak to strong, walked out of a distinctive Chinese characteristics development. With the development of the aerospace industry, the achievements, the talent at the same time, aerospace science and technology industry to foster the formation of aerospace spirit, "two bombs and one satellite" spirit and the spirit of the manned space flight.
       In October 8, 1956, Fifth Research Institute of the Ministry of defence aerospace science and technology group company's predecessor - formally established. According to Deputy Prime Minister Nie Rongzhen's proposal, approved by the Chairman Mao Zedong, Premier Zhou Enlai, determine the Department of defense into business principles are "rely through one's own efforts, and strive to foreign aid and utilizing capitalism countries have scientific achievements". "Rely through one's own efforts" spirit gave birth to our first aerospace spirit.
       By the end of 1986, according to Vice Premier Nie Rongzhen advocated, combined with the specific characteristics of Aerospace Science and technology industry, traditional spirit of space makes a new generalization and abstraction, described as "rely through one's own efforts, work hard and perseveringly, cooperation, dedication, rigorous and pragmatic, the courage to climb".
       In September 18, 1999, Comrade Jiang Zemin technology experts meeting in recognition for the development of the "two bombs and one satellite" have made outstanding contributions to the proposed and expounded the essence of????????58 "two - Star" spirit, is to "love the motherland, selfless dedication, rely through one's own efforts, work hard and perseveringly, cooperation, the courage to climb".
       On November 7, 2003, General Secretary Hu Jintao pointed out????????58 the great cause of breeds great spirit. In the long-term struggle, China aerospace workers not only create the extraordinary achievement, but also created the spirit of the manned space flight special can endure hardships, to fight, to research, especially to offer.
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